Training Consultancy for What’s Next

Any time, any place, aligned learning solutions— tailored to your organization.

Our Services

Targeted training content creation, management & delivery.

Our focus is connecting your objectives to delivering maximum productivity & profitability to your organization and the best possible experience for your customers.

Operational Partnership – On your terms.

Eclipse Learning Partners delivers next-level engagement to your whole organization by partnering with you and your business’ leaders in creating an engaging learning environment that saves time & money, and has a far more lasting impact than shuttling everyone in the company to take a one-time course.
Check out the Solutions page for some examples.

Managed Learning Management System (LMS) Services to support programs.

Already have all of your content, but need a more effective delivery mechanism?
Our LMS platform is secure, scalable, and in the cloud.
Managed for you, it is all about leveraging knowledge for you to achieve your goals. Train your customers and partners also, with separate, but connected “public-facing” courses.

Let’s talk about what’s next.

If you’re interested in learning more about Eclipse’s services and programs, reach out!
Please feel free to contact Steve by voice or text at +1 (732) 245-7379.