Content can be: “Yours, Ours or Theirs”

  • Yours: Do you have your own content already?
    • Great! Eclipse can host your content on our Managed LMS. And if you need to “dust it up”, and get it into a new format, Eclipse can help you with that as well.
  • Ours: Eclipse Learning Partners can co-develop custom content for you, along with your leaders and subject matter experts. This content belongs to you once developed.
    • While tuning them to your organization, Eclipse can also deliver courses on company-non-specific topics like Customer Service, Leadership, Career Development & Communication.
  • Theirs: Any specialty training course that your company engages with can be tracked on the LMS. This is valuable for your company to ensure that everyone that needs to “keep current” in their field does so, with no gaps.
    Here are some examples:
    • OSHA
    • HIPAA
    • Sales
    • Technical
    • Manufacturer-specific