A Kickoff…with many returns

Eclipse Learning Partners
A Kickoff…with many returns

Recent times have been stacked with challenges, and those challenges certainly persist.
Eclipse Learning Partners can help you execute your latest strategic programs or software rollout that you might normally roll out in a company-wide meeting. Besides potential travel challenges and costs & multiple time zones or work shifts, having everyone in the same room at the same time simply might not be feasible. Plus, it is well-known that it takes time and discipline to adapt to new habits. Having a virtual event can be a solid way to get things started, but it is what follows that will really “move the needle”. Engaging with Eclipse can increase the impact of this first event, and guarantee that the effects of this “kickoff” do not fade out 6 weeks later. Let Eclipse Learning Partners help you get your mission started on the right foot, stay on-track & go the distance.

How we proceed:

  • Consultation meetings in advance with leadership, to construct agenda and to organize content.
  • “Day-of” event Logistics Hosting and Coordination
    – Zoom room for up to 93 participants
    • Active call monitoring
    • Attendee admittance
    • Presenter switching
    • Zoom sessions recorded and posted on Learning Management System (LMS) for access all year
  • 1-hour moderated Break-out sessions after the event to keep the momentum rolling
  • Full year of Hosted & Managed Learning Management System Service
    • Unlimited posting of your content on the LMS
  • Monthly follow-up content creation for posting on the LMS
    • Continued partnering with leadership to hit targets set in January
  • Add-on Events are also available
    • Curated guest keynote speakers
    • Remote Team Building events, including these & more:
      • Virtual Jeopardy! (with custom questions/answers)
      • Virtual Escape Room
      • Virtual Wine/Tequila Tasting