Corporate Consultancy

Corporate Consultancy by Eclipse Learning Partners
Corporate Consultancy

Eclipse Learning Partners delivers “next-level engagement” to your whole organization by partnering with you and your business’ leaders in creating a custom training environment that saves time and has a more sustaining impact than shuttling everyone in the company to take a 1-time course.
Engaging with Eclipse allows you to infuse your company with experienced people and tailored programs, at your scale & budget.

  • Once the Engagement Process (below) has been rolled out, the learning can begin – what makes an Eclipse Learning Partners LMS-driven Training Program different?
  • Custom content is curated into dynamic learning paths, connected to the metrics of your business and your unique culture and tuned to your customers’ experience.
    • Content is securely posted & consolidated on the LMS, and can be
      “yours, ours or theirs” – – more details here
  • The learning experience is much more impactful than simply attending a class or watching a video series:
    • Besides the “any time” learning modules, scheduled live sessions with an instructor, manager, mentor or “study buddies” can also be arranged as modules in a course.
    • Reports generated of audit-worthy records of when each person’s training was started and completed for company-wide certification.
    • Questions and Discussion Topics can be posted to a Discussion Board for each course.
    • Tests can be given to prove knowledge transfer.
    • Industry Certifications earned elsewhere (e.g. OSHA-30) can be uploaded and tracked for when renewals are due.
    • Students can also be required to post sample documents of work to the LMS to be reviewed and commented on by an instructor and/or their work Manager.
  • When the learners have met all of the requirements of a course (or a series of courses), the LMS sends them a custom certificate and/or “gamified” badges.
    • As they amass more than one certificate/badge, learners can earn “bigger” certifications that can be connected with seniority, status, compensation, etc.