Managed & Hosted LMS

Hosted and Managed LMS
Managed & Hosted LMS

Perhaps you have all of your training content created, and need a truly connected approach for delivering that to your organization, partners and customers. Eclipse Learning Partners can be the “perfect plug-in” for your Training Department, and can “post and host” all of your materials, and be your Learning Management System (LMS) Host & Administrator.

The learning experience is much more impactful than simply attending a class or watching a video series. Your content will be curated into dynamic learning paths, connected to the metrics of your business and your unique culture and never losing sight of your customers’ experience.
Content is securely posted & consolidated on the LMS, and can be
“yours, ours or theirs” – – more details here

  • Besides the “any time” learning modules, scheduled live sessions with an instructor, manager, mentor or “study buddies” can also be arranged as modules in a course.
  • Certifications earned elsewhere (e.g. OSHA-30 or Industry-recognized technical certifications) can be uploaded and tracked for when renewals are due.
  • Periodic reports are generated of audit-worthy records of when each person’s training was started and completed for company-wide certification…and what is not yet complete or about to expire.
  • Questions and Discussion Topics can be posted to a Discussion Board for each course.
  • Tests can be given to prove knowledge transfer.
  • Students can also be required to post sample documents of work to the LMS to be reviewed and commented on by an instructor and/or their work Manager.